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About us

AROIDLOVERS.COM is a place created for you - a lover of Araceae / Aroid plants.

You can buy here beautiful, healthy plants at the most attractive prices! You will no longer have to overpay for the plants of your dreams, because contact with the largest importers of plants, as well as propagation them in our own greenhouse, allowed us to offer the most attractive prices in EU and create this unique aroid paradise.

The mission of the AROIDLOVERS is to promote plant passion, sell collectible plants at extremely attractive prices, as well as increase the availability of rare species of plants from the ARACEAE family. We will try to constantly make the store's assortment more attractive to meet the needs of even the most demanding plant enthusiasts.

We encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter (at the bottom of the home page) and join the AroidLovers group. We plan many different attractions for group members, ranging from discount codes, information about planned novelties, to meetings in a green group and many, many more.

Thank you for your presence and enjoy your purchases!